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    Celebrating Real Bread Week

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    Real Bread Week runs from 24th February to the 4th of March and was not only launched to celebrate home baked bread, but the skills involved in the baking of bread and the community around it. The campaign aims to encourage people to eschew industrial, mass produced supermarket loaves laced with artificial ingredients in favour of supporting local independent bakeries or baking your own bread at home.

    Real Bread Week

    The Real Bread campaign defines Real Bread as:

    Real Bread is that made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives.

    99% of households buy bread and 74% of us eat it at least once a day - it's a fundamental part of most people's lives and has been proven to be a beneficial part of the human diet.

    So what are the benefits of baking your own bread?

    • You have complete control over what ingredients go into your bread
    • It's nutritious and affordable
    • It keeps the bread making tradition alive, using skills that have been passed down through generations
    • It helps reduce food waste: of the 2.6 billion individual slices of bread that we throw away each year, only 8.6% are from home-baked loaves

    What's so bad about supermarket bread?

    The majority of the 12 million loaves produced in the UK each day are made in large factories using artificial additives, by high speed mixing, with high levels of yeast and techniques that force the dough to rise quickly instead of fermenting naturally. They are then often sprayed with chemicals to slow the growth of mould. Doesn't sound particularly appealing now, does it?

    The environmental and social impact of production and distribution

    12 million loaves are transported around the country by diesel-guzzling lorries each day - yet £50 million worth of bread rolls are thrown away each year completely untouched, at considerable environmental impact.

    While independent bakeries used to be at the heart of every neighbourhood, the majority of loaves today are produced by supermarkets and industrial bakers which don't benefit the local economy due to their suppliers being based outside of the local area.

    So you want to bake your own bread?

    Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread - and what a treat to be able to recreate this at home! At The Cook School, our Bread & Baking Day day class covers the basic principles of making fresh bread and dough by hand and the versatility of dough. The chef will also demonstrate two specialty yeast doughs.

    Our upcoming class menus include:

    • Focaccia - pizza
    • Wholemeal loaf with oat crust
    • Brioche - sesame burger buns
    • Classic beef burger
    • Sweet spiced bun dough - hot cross buns
    • Pavlova - fresh fruit and vanilla cream
    • Soda bread
    • Babka (Hungarian chocolate bread)
    • Naan bread
    • Croissants

    Our full day classes include the chance to meet other guests while enjoying tea or coffee and a scone, plus a two course lunch with a glass of wine after you've finished cooking. To see available dates and book your place, check out the Bread & Baking day class timetable now.