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    Frequently Asked Questions and Policies

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    Some questions you may have before attending the class are listed below but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us. Here you will also find information on our Cancellation and Alcohol Policies.

    Cancellation Policy

    In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel or reschedule a class, amendments to bookings can be made up to 14 days before the class.

    Should you wish to cancel or move a class from 14 days up to 28 days before the class date,  the following rebooking fees will apply:

    Demo and Dine class: £10 per person

    Full Day class: £20 per person

    Half Day class: £10 per person

    Should you wish to move a class outwith 28 days, no fee will be charged to do so.

    Should you wish to cancel or move a class within 14 days, no refunds will be given. You are welcome to send a replacement and can call us on 01563 550008 to change the reservation name.

    If you do not turn up for your class, no refund will be given and full payment would be required on rebooking.

    Alcohol Policy

    We operate a 'Challenge 25' Policy at The Cook School and all our staff hold their Personal License.  If you are lucky enough to look under 25 years old please be prepared to show you are over 18 years.  Accepted forms of ID are Photographic Driver License, Passport and Proof of Age Card showing the PASS hologram.

    We ask you to respect our staff when enforcing this policy. Within our Operating Plan and Alcohol License, alcohol can only be consumed in the designated areas and we are unable to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises.  Customers are not allowed to bring their own alcohol to consume.


    Will I receive confirmation of my class by post?

    No, your confirmation email when you book a class acts as your class booking confirmation.

    What should I wear?

    For our Hands On Cookery Classes, we suggest casual clothes and comfortable footwear as you may be standing for a period of time at your work station.  A stool will be provided should you require.

    What time does the class start and finish?

    Our Full Day Classes start at 9.45am and usually finish around 3pm.  Our evening Demo and Dines start at 5.45pm until 9.30pm.  Your start and finish times will be in your confirmation email.

    Do people come on their own?

    Many of our customer's come on their own and also in two's, three's and larger groups.  It is a very sociable day with everyone dining together and you will be well looked after.

    Can my friend come to watch?

    Unfortunately we do not have facilities for people to watch you on the day.

    What age do you need to be to attend?

    Demo and Dine classes are suitable for persons aged 18 and over.  On our Half Day classes, persons aged 14 and over are welcome but must be accompanied by a full paying adult.  Our Full Day classes are suitable for persons aged 16 and over, however under 18's must be accompanied by a full paying adult.  If you are lucky enough to look under 25 years, please bring photo ID to show you are over 18 years.

    We run classes during the school holidays for children and young people aged between 5-9 years and 10-16 years and One on One sesions after school hours so evberybody is catered for.

    Can I pay on the day?

    Full payment must be made on booking your class in order to secure your place/s.  Voucher payments can be made over the phone to be redeemed against your booking.  For children's parties, full payment is required on booking.

    Do I need to bring anything?

    Everything you need will be provided on the day.  If you are travelling quite far we suggest bringing a cool box to take any of your extra delicious food home. (If you can resist to leave any!)

    I have an allergy, can you accomodate for me?

    We try to accomodate for most allergies at The Cook School.  Please let us know when booking and we will try to amend menus to suit. In the unlikely event we cannot, then we shall offer you an alternative option.

    Nuts and nut derivatives are used across a variety of the classes and are in the building. Even if the menu you have picked does not contain nuts specifically it may contain traces of nuts so we can not guarantee a completely nut free environment. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for allergic reactions to any food stuffs.

    Can I purchase additional wine?

    Demo and Dines - three glasses of wine are served per person and more is available to buy, should you require, priced at £12 per bottle.