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    Evening Cookery - Christmas

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    Price: £50.00

    Learn how to make a delicious festive meal in our two and a half hour evening course after work!

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    Looking for alternative festive dishes? Then our Christmas day evening cookery course is perfect for you. A two and a half hour class giving you the chance to learn how to make some deliciously seasonal and perfectly festive dishes; getting you geared up and ready for the big day ahead.

    You can choose to sit down with other guests in the dining room to enjoy your meal with a glass of wine or if you're tight for time you are more than welcome to take home everything you have made.



    • Salmon and parma ham en croute with dill cream sauce
    • Celeriac and parsnip dauphinoise
    • Pistachio and raspberry Friands


    Chef Demonstrates: Dauphinoise

    Class makes: Salmon en croute with dill sauce and Friands