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    Kids Classes

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    Check out the kids classes that we have running throughout the school holidays! Classes to suit age ranges 2-4, 5-9 years and 10-16 years. PLEASE NOTE: For Parent & Child class (2-4 years) you only need to book 1 space which covers both adult and child.

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    Our purpose built Kids Kitchen is the ideal place to entertain your kids while giving them the chance to explore new tastes!


    With classes for kids aged 2-16, there's something for everyone:


    • 2-4 yrs - Parent and Child: 1 hour class where parents work along with their kids to make a tasty treat
    • 5-9 yrs - Drop your kids off for a 2 hour session where they will make 2 treats to take home
    • 10-16 yrs - A 2 hour session for older kids where they will make 3 treats to take home


    Upcoming Classes


    Menu for December Classes 2019

    2-4 yrs:

    Polar Bear Peppermint Creams

    5-9 yrs:

    Polar Bear Peppermint Creams

    Cheesy Chicken & Corn Parcels


    Polar Bear Peppermint Creams

    Cheesy Chicken & Corn Parcels

    Chocolate chip Shortbread


    Feb menu tbc

    April menu tbc