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    Cook School Shop

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    The Cook School shop is packed with an extensive range of meat, cheese, dry goods, food to go, kitchenware and giftware. It's located next to our Cafe - so pop in for lunch and view our extensive range of produce...

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    You can access the shop from The Cook School entrance or from the cafe entrance.

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    We've designed a fantastic range of hampers which start from just £18. There's something for everyone from the chocolate lover to cheese lover to the foodie in your life.

    Fotor Created

    Check out our pre-made hampers here, all available to buy from The Cook School Shop or online.



    1. Buy online to pre-order your hamper and collect from our shop at your convenience.
    2. Call us on 01563550008, place an order and collect from our shop at your convenience
    3. Pop into the shop where we have a selection of pre-made hampers or can make bespoke or chilled hampers up for you in around 5 minutes.


    Build Your Own Hamper:

    Or if you would prefer to select your own products simply pop in, select the products you want to put in your hamper and we will provide the hamper and wrap it all up for you for just £6.


    * Please note, we reserve the right to substitute items for an similar item of equivalent pricing should there be any product shortages.



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    If you're having the whole family over for dinner or you're looking for some buffet items then look no further.

    We offer a range of sandwich and wrap platter, buffet items and our Big Pot range which is perfect for buffets and big family dinners.

    For more info on our buffet range click here.


    Location & Hours

    7 Moorfield Park


    KA2 0FE